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One of the most established holiday villages in Northern Cyprus, La Siesta is a family run complex just eight miles from Kyrenia and less than five minutes walk from the sea, The resort consists of twenty spacious villa's, positioned amongst beautiful, well established gardens with a large swimming pool and terrace.
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Do Professional Athletes Rest

We see professional athletes like in football, basketball and tennis to be always in top shape for their chosen sport. In fact, we see them on television doing their thing practically the whole year round that it seems they do not rest at all. We are aware that there are season and tournament breaks, of course, but we also hear that they are spending these interims on training camps to hone their skills and further develop specialised sporting strategies. So, indeed, do professional athletes ever get to rest like we do?

The direct answer to the above question is "no". They do not get to rest like we do. Professional sportsmen are basically exceptional people who are expected to provide excellent performances every game and every tournament. Thus, even if ordinary people would already say they are tired, professionals have to keep on and act like a physical machine for training the next day. This is especially true for athletes who are involved in the biggest leagues such as football and basketball. It must be said, though, that these athletes are given special attention by their team with respect to their extraordinary diet and regimen needs.

Do professional athletes ever go on holidays? The answer to this question is "yes" but still not as often as we do if there is an ongoing tournament. However, when they do have a vacation, it is extraordinary and at the most luxurious places as well. It comes as one of the perks of being professional athletes that they can afford for the world's best when the right time comes.

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