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One of the most established holiday villages in Northern Cyprus, La Siesta is a family run complex just eight miles from Kyrenia and less than five minutes walk from the sea, The resort consists of twenty spacious villa's, positioned amongst beautiful, well established gardens with a large swimming pool and terrace.
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Maintaining Your Health When Staying In a Hotel

Visiting and staying temporarily in another place far away from your own is an exciting experience. However, if you begin to feel sick during your stay in your hotel, that experience may turn into a horrible one. Here are a few tips so that you will stay in top shape when staying in travel lodgings.

If you suffer from allergies, ask the hotel in advance for an allergy-free room. These rooms are built and furnished with things that reduce the amount of dust mites and other allergens. Aside from this, swim laps in the hotel's pool or exercise in their gym. These will help maintain your fitness and get rid of traveller's stiffness. Also, do your body a favour and walk toward your destination if it is only a few blocks away from your hotel. Walking is actually a form of exercise.

Eating meals in hotels is another matter of concern. Steer clear of fatty and salty food. Opt instead for dishes made of lean meat, vegetables, and fruits. Another way to keep off weight is to order a big breakfast and lunch, and split the meals in two. You can eat the other half of breakfast during brunch and half of lunch during your coffee break.

Bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol as well. After touching high-traffic areas and objects such as doorknobs and remote controls, apply some sanitizer on your hand. In addition, always wash your hand before and after meals. Finally, bring along a sleep shirt with long sleeves and long sleep pants. These garments keep you warm, especially in hotels that feature centralised air conditioning in which you have no control over the temperature.

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