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One of the most established holiday villages in Northern Cyprus, La Siesta is a family run complex just eight miles from Kyrenia and less than five minutes walk from the sea, The resort consists of twenty spacious villa's, positioned amongst beautiful, well established gardens with a large swimming pool and terrace.
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Tourism Industry in Cyprus

Cyprus is the largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean and is renowned for its natural beauty. The island is an ideal location for those looking to escape to warmer climes. Since joining the European Union or the EU in 2004, the country has seen its economy prosper especially in the areas of travel and tourism. Its tourism sector has benefited from the EU membership with alluring predictions for growth in the coming years. Add to that the increase in low cost airlines; the country's tourism industry has never appeared so buoyant. Travel and tourism analysts predict that Cyprus will encounter a positive impact on hotel operation.

Current figures reveal that tourism in Cyprus has significantly improved, with personal travel and tourism rising noticeably in 2001 and 2007. Total demand in travel and tourism in the country is also anticipated to rise by four percent per annum by 2017. Since becoming an EU member, industrial and economic numbers of those employed in the tourism industry have also increased, employing 165,000 people in 2007. In general, Cyprus' tourism industry is forecast to play a vital role in its Gross Domestic Product by 2017.

Tourism industry professionals have claimed that the abundance of tourism opportunities in Cyprus was driven by its EU membership. The increase in reasonable flights to Cyprus also had a great positive impact on what is a significant Cyprian tourism industry. Due to a wide range of deals available, people are given the chance to explore Cyprus for its mountain regions, everlasting beaches and accommodating resorts.

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