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One of the most established holiday villages in Northern Cyprus, La Siesta is a family run complex just eight miles from Kyrenia and less than five minutes walk from the sea, The resort consists of twenty spacious villa's, positioned amongst beautiful, well established gardens with a large swimming pool and terrace.
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Hiring a Car for Your Holiday

If you are planning a family holiday or a group holiday, you might like to consider hiring a car. This transport option offers a lot of advantages for group travellers of more than five and for those who prefer to drive to their destinations and be in control of their travel schedule. So, before you book a packaged travel holiday, explore your car hire options first and learn how you can make a successful trip to a foreign country independently.

To book a car hire, start by searching for all the services available to you. As much as possible, do this several months in advance particularly during off peak season in order to get a discount. You will be amazed at how fast car hire companies get full booking during peak seasons, making it hard for you to get a good deal at reasonable rates. So, plan your trip early and secure your transportation needs.

When you have chosen a car hire company, make sure that you are informed about important matters such as age restrictions in your holiday destination and consumer rights. Many companies charge premium for drivers below 21 or over 70, and most car hire markets are not regulated. You can protect yourself from possible problems, particularly related to payment, by knowing your rights. So, never hesitate to ask questions and search for information.

Most important, when hiring a car for your holiday, consider taking a separate insurance policy for extra cover. You will be travelling to relax and have fun, so it only makes sense that you are well protected to get complete peace of mind.

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